Uhh, 40? My sad story :(

Here I sit, the first friday after my 21st birthday, at home with my ibook. How sad. Worse still, a female friend of mine, known to be rather promiscuous when drinking, is in town and home alone as well. But no, I sit here online. I need a life.

Anyway, it’s friday night (and the moon is bright, gonna have some fun, show you how it’s done, TGIF. before your time? Nobody remembers, it’s ok.)

Classes are all going well. Have some homework to do over the weekend, but nothing too bad. Mom went to casino earlier this week, nothing big though. Glad to see we all made it through another September 11th safely. Wonder what it will be called in the future? Will it always be “9 – 11” or will we call it “Liberty Day” or something? Or maybe move Labor Day onto 9-11 and name it “Respect-those-killed-by-terrorists-and-those-who-labor Day.” Or not.

I am bored (I’m sure you can tell, more parenthesis than normal, which means more side thoughts, which means I’m rambling and am clearly bored.) I have a headache too. Maybe I have a headache, and thus I am bored, because if I avoid thinking about my head, it wont hurt and so I am thinking about uselessness and making myself bored by not being able to think of things that I could be doing, which would be useful, and thus not of a uselessness nature. Then again, reading that back makes my head hurt worse.

Uhm, zip disks are cool by the way, they got those little crystals in them. Don’t understand how that works, but power to em.

Ok, I don’t want to freak all 2 of my regular readers out and scare them off with crazy rantings, so I am going to lay down.

Website is being worked on, and I mean it. I just don’t want to put up 1 or 2 modified pages and leave the rest, so waiting to get it all done. And at the end of this month I am replacing my HTML archives of old blog with PDFs. Is easier on me, until I can reformat them to iblog style. And besides, you can still read them at blogger anyway. I don’t even know if that will ever go away. Who knows. Also, I will have the 100th hit on my website soon. Thats what the counters stat page says. I guess that includes from when on the blogger page, and on website now.

Ok, bye now, seriously. And I was kidding about the promiscuous girl, she probably not at home by now. SHE has a life.


“I hate that lake, it killed my granpappy. He was sittin there, and he saw his reflection in the water, and he jumped in for him. Drowned try’in to save himself. Damned lake, I hate you.”

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