It feels like I just did this yesterday, oh yeah, I did.

Cool TV show: the Joe Schmo Show. They found some guy and put him on a reality TV show, but its all fake. The other 8 contestants are actors, and nearly all of it is pre-scripted. I don’t watch reality TV, but this is good.

Objective C++ today. Feels like I missed a class between 181 and this. Technically I did, Data Structures should be between, but isn’t required to be. Should come back soon.

IBEW test yesterday was a joke. Gave up to 45 minutes for reading portion, took me about 15 or 20. Math section was equally laughable. I expect an interview in 30 – 60 days.

Re-calculated time I’ve owned ibook last night. 278 days; 39.7143 weeks; 9.26666 months; 0.76164 years. Way too many significant digits, especially considering I didn’t figure in hours and minutes. Oh well.

I keep hitting command – , (comma). Opens the preferences for the open application. Is rather annoying, and it happens almost every time I do a lot of typing.

I think thats it. I’ve been writing every day for, well, this would be the 4th day, so lack of thoughts is kinda understandable.

Ok, night ya’all.


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