Number 38

Well, I spent the majority of last night downloading all 650 MB of S*m C*ty 4, which means I get to spend the majority of tonight finding a ser*al number, which is proving to be much harder. The things I do to save $49.99 plus shipping.

Rabbit seams to have grown in 3 days, weird. Its annoying, mom always wants me to feed it and whatever. IT’S NOT MINE! Gah, not like I know what a rabbit wants. I owned a snapping turtle, my view of baby rabbits is about 2 weeks of food I don’t need to buy.

Only 2 days till my birthday. It was suggested to me that I go sit in a bar at 11 tomorrow night, wait for 12, and order something right away. What bar is open and serving at midnight on a Sunday? I’m sure there out there, but why go there? I have the rest of my life to drink whatever I want, the fact that you can’t doesn’t mean I have to. Seriously though, only a bit over 24 hours, how cool. So I know your all thinking “Man, 24 hours, what will I get?” Well, A good starter is the Sunday papers. Anything from OfficeMax, Staples, Best Buy, or Circuit City thats at least $25 will probably be good. If nothing else, its worth $25 when I return it. Seriously though, there isn’t much I ask for:

Apple Airport Card $79 ($71 for students)
512Mb PC133 1.25″ SO-DIMM $95 (depends where you go)
Coke, or Pepsi (I actually want it now though, not Monday)
A ser*al number for S*m C*ty 4 for mac
Any of the books on my WishList, if you go there there’s some way for you to look at my list, pick something, and have it shipped to me, look around.

Thats about it. Of course, I always accept cash.

And, funny of the week, from Apple’s Mac OS X Panther site:

Unix-lover Heaven
Panther will include a final X11 window server for Unix-based apps, improved NFS/UFS, FreeBSD 5 innovations as well as support for popular Linux APIs, IPv6 and other important acronyms.

Other important acronyms? Is that a technical term? The heck?

Anyway, moving on…

Still no ser*al number. Keep finding them for Windows version too, which seems to have different ser*als. I also learned tonight that I need a ser*al for iblog, as my 30 days seem to be up. For all I know, this wont even post.

Ok, enough for now, I got stuff to do. Need to get back on a normal sleep schedule for school. All 2 days of it.

Night ya’all

…Nope, wont post. Hmm, how to get $19.95 to an Indian bank account at 11:33 on Saturday night, when you ain’t got the money on your credit card. Hmm. Guess I go watch SNL and figure it out at 1.

…Well, its about 8:27:53 right now (well, I guess not “about”) and still no iblog. Tomorrow though the money will be on my credit card. I want to blame it on Lifli for making me pay, but I knew it was $20 and didn’t pay when I could have. Crazy part: Says the program costs $19.95, WRONG! Actually, since developer is in India, it costs 950 Rupees. So with exchange rates as of last night, it really costs $20.79. Now $0.84 isn’t a big deal, but I would like to know about it. Rupees, hah!

My birthday is closer, just two and a half hours. Mom is at casino, the Sunday nearest my birthday seems to be lucky.

Jason was looking at a CD-ROM for his PowerBook 1400, and we found one that’s “Certified Pre-Owned.” The seller guarantees that if you ever find that the CD-ROM was not owned by someone before you, he will give you double your money back. I laughed like hell seeing it, it’s a funny gimmick, I give it that.

I downloaded S*mC*ty 4, which I’ve been searching for for weeks (weird to say “for for”). So I get it downloaded, go to install, and “Please enter your password.” Crap, ok, online for a password. Find one on a website finally, has been about 24 hours since I started download at this point. So enter password, instal commences, and half way through “Please enter disk 2.” Crap crap crap crap crap. Still haven’t found a S*m C*ty 4 disk 2 for Mac. Bastards. I was googling for some info on it, and found a forum where the reviews are “mixed.” Every thing from “My G4 400MHz with 256MB of RAM runs SC4 fine” to “My G4 dual 1.42GHz with 1.5GB RAM chokes on the piece.” Don’t recall anyone with specifics on trying it on a G3, so who knows what my results will be. Definitely not shelling out $50 with results like that though.

Well, school tomorrow, and IBEW test, and birthday, so need sleep. That wont be for probably 2 hours, at least. Oh well.

I do plan to post as normal on Tuesday, and will add to this before I post it. You should be able to read this on Monday though. Weird to write stuff knowing nobody will see it for another day, screws with the “relative dates.” By the time you read this “tomorrow” will be Wednesday and “Today” will be gone. Time is a funny thing.

Ok, adios,

…Ok, 9:44 Monday night. Apple released new imacs and ipods today, but wont bore you with specs, just check apples webpage.

Most un-eventful birthday in history, especially for a 21st. I’m not complaining though, not one for a big party anyway. Woke up this morning to “Good morning, happy birthday, I think rabbit is dead.” It was. Was too young, needed mom’s milk and we couldn’t give it. Wild animal’s should be left in the wild.

Started Unix today, bit disappointed. Working on Windows machines, just logging into a unix server. Oh well. Will see how Obj. Oriented C++ goes tomorrow.

And most important, I PAID FOR IBLOG!!! Which is why you can see this.

Update tomorrow, like it should be.

Bye for the third time,

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