It begins again

Here we are, the first real post at a new blog. This is number 37, 34 on old plus 2 trials here plus this.

I have a new pet. Scott from where I work was out mowing, and found some bunnies. He was mowing along and found one running in the yard, and was afraid he might hit it, so picked it up and put it in his truck. He came over here, before taking it back, and we had to break it to him that because he touched it, the mom would smell the new scent and shun the bunny. So, being the animal person, I got stuck with it. I really don’t need a 6 week old bunny to take care of, but what can I do? Pretty sure its a boy, no name yet.

I was bored late monday night/Tuesday morning so went online and found my Java homework. I managed to turn in my first assignment before 4 am. Of course, the semester didn’t start for another 43 hours. No f2f class till Monday.

My birthday is just 5 days away. Starting to get excited. Probably get crap for gifts. Notice the gifts just go downhill from about 17 on?

What else… I can never think of stuff to talk about when I’m writing, but say “I should say that” for the three days leading up to the blog. It sucks.

I found the joys of Strong Bad a few days ago. Cool website, especially Trogdor.

Ever make that silly putty type stuff? You mix glue with water, and dissolve some borax it water, then mix the two, and kneed out the excess water. Its kinda cool at first, but I played with it too much and it’s getting kinda tough. Oh well, it was fun.

I’m now taking donations for registering iblog (the program I use to make the blog) and renewing .mac. You can call it a birthday present if you want. And jason, your donation is mandatory.

I have put the Gollum acceptance speech from the 2003 MTV movie awards on my website. Check it out.

Ok, I think thats it. No idea what I will talk about Saturday, but I will be back then. Tuesday though, you can expect news about my classes, birthday, and the IBEW test.


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