I'm Sick

Number, uhm, 33.

Short one this time, because I am miserable. Either allergies, or a flu-ish thing. I’m not running a temp, but I seldom do. My normal body temperature is in the high 96s to mid 97s, and I am at 97.8. My brother had a flu, was running 99.9 temp, mom seems to have the same thing, so probably is a flu.

The next post on Sunday will be the last one here on blogger, then switch to my .mac page on Wednesday, though I will probably post there on Sunday or Monday. Haven’t transfered these blogs to new blog yet, will work on it when I feel better.

Went to Delta last night about 10:30 to look at Mars thru the college’s 13″ Newtonian telescope. Looked amazing, if you can get out anytime this week to check mars out with even a decent pair of binoculars, do it. My 4.5″ Newtonian showed more than I’ve ever seen, but the 13 is amazing. I could see a few mountain ranges, and clearly see the polar ice cap (it’s dry ice, carbon dioxide, not water).

Less than a week until school starts, actually my first class is next Thursday. I finally realized that Delta is starting late because of all the construction on campus. Can’t believe is took me that long.

Uhm, ok, thats it I guess. I am probably going to sleep soon, really not feeling good.


If at first you don’t succeed, deny trying at all.

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