Number 32, wow. First post was May 27th, so almost 3 months. Only 2 more posts here though, then the move.

I realized today that I only have about a week left before school starts. Granted, most of you are already back in school, but hey. This year shouldn’t be too bad, only taking 8 credit hours, and there not that hard of classes.

Cable modem is still hovering in the 1.8 MBit/s range, although it was outright down most of today, last night, and a while saturday too. Stupid asses at Charter couldn’t fix your connection if it were just an unplugged ethernet cable. They say “It’s probably the router, try connecting a computer directly to the modem.” Well, if you shitheads ever get around to erasing my MAC addresses off your server so it doesn’t think were supposed to be in Essexville, then that would work, but for now I can’t. FOUR MONTHS, AND THEY STILL HAVEN’T ERASED OUR MAC ADDRESSES, FOUR MONTHS! And it cant be the router, because its been hooked up and working fine for over a month now. If Charter would hire people who have an IQ higher than their age, we wouldn’t have this problem. Tech support shouldn’t consist of a bunch of no-brains reading the troubleshooting manual from the computer in front of them, a 5 year old can do that. And when I told them I didn’t have a Charter modem, that I bought my own, he claimed that other modems don’t work with the system, and that was my problem, HAH! Idiots. He also said that my speed tests were in-acurate and there is no way I’m running at 1.8MB s, and the modem was only configured at 768k. Well, 5 different test, including 2 of Charters, all say I’m between 1.68 and 1.85 MB/s. And, the cable modems status page says I’m configured for 2,000,000 bps, so nearly 2.0MB/s. Idiots, freaking idiots.

Anyway, I think thats it. Good luck in school this year! See you thursday for 33rd post, then Sunday for 34th and final on this blog. I will put a link to new site on the last entry for all you who don’t know where its moving. Or you can just click the link to my homepage at the right.


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