Wow, that means like 90ish days on the blog. I think this is day 88, and it will be 90 days the day before the 31st post. Oh, well, anyway.

THE G5s SHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday, the single processor G5s were shipped in limited quantity to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Resellers across the nation. Yeay!!!

I paid for my classes and got 3 of my 4 books today. On chapter 4 of the Unix book. It says “Do not choose a password that is even remotely related to Star Trek or Monty Python.” Guess thats just more proof of how many geeks use Unix. Also “Unix is a set of tools for smart people.” Yes, yes it is. So Java, HTML, C++, and Unix/Linux OpSys. The nice part is they are all in C wing of delta, except Java which is an internet class.

I re-calculated my uptime, and that record was 12d 11h 59m. The uptime monitor has a habit of crashing, but now I know the unix command to figure it out myself, Bwah-hahaha!

“If you ever get a message from userid root, be very polite. You are talking to someone who can wipe you out of the system with a single command.” See how Unix mimics life? Isn’t it cool?

Ok, its taken me 15 minutes to write this much because I keep reading the unix book, so I am going to give in. At this rate I will be done with the book before school starts on the 4th. Anyway, you all take care, and have fun away at college. Most of you are starting Monday I believe, CMU and NMU are, right? Anyway, bye!


I have enough quotes up there ^

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