Well, still running at 1.8MBit, downloading 5MB mp3s in a mere 20 seconds is awesome, when I can find hosts that are running that fast too.

I downloaded the security update for OS X yesterday, not realizing it was going to make me restart afterward. So I just minimized the installer into the dock and ignored it for a few hours. Then the computer started acting screwy and I decided that I mind as well just do the restart, though I probably could have fixed it. So the record is at 10 days, 12 hours, and 8 minutes. I had hoped to make 14 days, but the ibook gets too unstable, dirty memory problems. Maybe after I upgrade the memory it will be better.

Jason is dead, has been at least a week since I saw him online or anything. Heck, I’ve seen troy since I saw jason, and Troy is only on like every 3 months. Well, maybe more, but only like 2 or 3 times since school let out at end of april. Anyway, RIP Jason!

Everyone is leaving for school. CMU, MTU, and , uhm, pretty much everyone I know goes to those two actually. Poor saps, delta doesn’t start until Sept. 4th, HA HA! (Nelson style) Maybe they will read blog more this way, being so far from me and all.

My financial problems are fixed, so I will be going to school this semester. I’m glad, I wouldn’t accomplish anything otherwise.

I have posted 2 entries to new blog, to see how it works, and done some updates on the website. I will post a list of all 14 people who viewed this blog on the final post on Sunday, August 31st, 2003. Funny how it worked out that way. Anyway, I am looking forward to it. I can play with the design more, since its just an HTML template, and can put pictures and stuff right in the blog. Will be cool.

An update from a while back, when we went to Mt. Pleasant to get mom’s car, we ate at Genji Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Midland. Very Benihana like. Sushi was small and expensive compared to Hello Sushi, though a greater selection. And price was high, considering that they really just stuff you with sticky rice. I suggest if you want to try it, go for lunch, it’s cheaper.

How about that black-out. We lucked out, lost power for about 3 seconds because 2 of Consumer’s generators got knocked off from the surge. Really makes you realize how dependent we are on electricity though. Gas pumps, card swipe door locks, elevators, traffic lights, cell phone towers, so much that we take for granted and don’t even think about needing electricity.

My Uncle John is in town, the rich one. Came in this morning, leave tomorrow night. Staying at a friends house though, so makes it easier on us. He was here this morning, but I was still sleeping so missed him. Sure he will be back though. I haven’t seen him in 7 years, wow.

Ok, I think thats about it. I will be back on Tuesday for number 30. See you all then.


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