Look, I’m on time!

That fluke with my connection running over-speed is back. It was at 1.8Mbit on friday, then slowed to sub-normal for a while, but returned on sunday to the 1.8Mbit level, and has hovered there since. I love this, I can download at around 230 kbytes/second, which is SOOOO fast its scary. I just hope Charter isn’t charging us for this.

My brother has moved back in, long story. He found that living with friends can turn out to be not as great as you expected, and that life is harder than you think. The problem is, he wants his half of the bedroom back, bastard.

I have began moving the blog. I will wait until at least the end of this month to move, and will move all the archived posts from here on blogger to the new page. We’ll see how it works out.

I might not be going to school this fall. I am having some problems with financial aid, and need to be paid by tuesday. I’m not sure how to get $1000 in a week, probably will need to get a loan and pay back whenever fin-aid comes in.

My cousin Danielle saw my blog while she was in town, and thought it was really awesome. Before she left home to PA, we set her up her own blog (which is no longer available). She’s doing better at posting than me, but then again she doesn’t have a life (as if I do).

Well, I guess thats it. I will try getting website and new blog running soon, but no promises. This fin-aid stuff is really bugging me, and will definitely be my priority project.

Oh, and uptime is at 9 days, 7 hours, 25 minutes. Have had 1,134,799 pageouts during that time. Actually, if I start VirtualPC, I can hit 15 or more pageouts at a time. By the way, a pageout is what happens when you run out of RAM, and your computer needs to access Virtual Memory on the Hard Disk instead. Right now, I have 11MB of RAM free, but has been less than that generally. I need to put some real thought in weather I should get AirPort card or RAM first. We will see.

Ok, hasta lasagna

Remember, warning labels are there because somebody else already tried it.
If somebody thinks that blow drying your hair while your still in the shower will save some time, I say let them try.

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