The Macs are Back

Yep, Best Buy has macs again. They have been going on and off their website all week, but it seems they will now stay. They are also available at a few stores (not ours) and are to be featured in “several ads” as of tomorrow, not known yet if this means weekly circular or on-line ads though. Currently, the website lists emacs, imacs, ibooks, and powerbooks, plus keyboards, mice, and displays. Interesting note: Apple displays use a proprietary ADC jack for connection, that carries power, USB, and DVI signal to the monitor, but only the PowerMac carries this jack. The only other mac capable of connecting to an ADC display is the PowerBook 15″ and 17″, which have DVI output but require an adapter for ADC. So Best Buy sells the displays, and the PowerBooks, but not the adapter, and no PowerMacs, making the displays unusable. Perhaps they are waiting for the G5 to sell Powermacs. We will need to wait and see.

Ok, went to a bon-fire last night and was ravaged by mosquitos. I look like I have a disease or something now. Mom keeps yelling “put this on,””put that on”. “It’s not working woman!!!!!” All that brings relief is itching, but there are too many!

I made it to 4 days, 3 hours before restarting. At about the 4 day mark though, a glitch in the finder made dragging stop. For some reason, when I clicked an icon and tried to drag it, it didn’t move. Fiddled with stuff for a while, but finally gave in and restarted. At 5 days 7 hours 31 minutes now (11:40 pm).

Yesterday our cable modem was running rather slow for a while, as was several peoples I hear. So at around 8 pm I was downloading a file and got this insane download speed, and was really freaked out. Ran a speed test at and got this. Yes, 1.8 MBit, on a 768 kbit line. Thats more than double our standard speed. Heck, Charter only offers up to 1.5 MBit to consumers. It (sadly) returned to normal after about an hour.

Well, can’t think of anything else. Guess I will talk to you all tuesday at blog #27.


Why aren’t you people buying my stuff?!

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