Ah, another day, another blog. Seems so soon. Not that I don’t want to write this, but that I don’t have much to write.

Uhm, nope. Can’t think of anything.

Nothing really big has happened.

This is Blog post number 21.

Being the 25th, I have had my ibook for 227 days.

I am staring at the Kung-Log window. Its more transparent than most. I can see the ichat window behind it just faintly. Can make out my buddy icon, the message bubbles, some text. Here, I will post out of boredom.

Uhm, anyone know how to insert a pic in Kung-Log?…


That Upload file thing doesn’t seem to work…

Well, I can put on website I guess.

Here, try this desktop.

That should work, I hope.

Poison from the album “Trash” by Alice Cooper

Wanted to try that.

Ok, guess thats it.

Number 22 will be your way on, Sunday. Be there or don’t, like I give a shit. (I really do care though, don’t make my cry)


“But I am the Network Administrator!”

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