Ok, back to Kung-Log due to the unfortunate and disgruntling happenings a few days ago.

Something very big happened last night. I can say what here because we don’t want some people who may read this to know, but if you do know, then there you go. I don’t know, nevermind.

My cousins are, uhm, interesting. They mostly just play PS2 or watch TV, but they are mostly cool. They can get annoying, a bit clingy. They don’t get my jokes either. I probably should watch what I say around them better too. I mean, they are 12 and 13, I don’t want to scar their fragile little minds. Oh well.

Hey, I just noticed if I spell Kung-Log properly, with the hyphen, it says the spelling is ok, cool.

I was right on the Linksys, having a wifi router makes me want the airport card even more. Too many other things that I need though, before I can get into buying more wants.

My brother found his keys. Not sure if I mentioned they were missing. I did in the first version of the last post, but don’t know if it made it in the one that got posted though.

I realized that puberty killed my creativity. I used to be able to write those crazy stories in seventh grade, but not anymore. They start to get these weird sexual references and situations, and I just get pissed. My damn brain is screwed up. You ever think about your brain? Its weird. All we are is brains, the rest is just support. For mating, and feeding, and that kind of stuff. Freaky.

I am going to try posting more, whenever something happens, or I think about something cool. I also think that I am going to get rid of the counter. Its just too disappointing to see that nobody comes to the blog. I know Scott and Jason do, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone else. Oh well, one day, one day you all will see. My Blog will be visited regularly by teens of people and you will be sorry because you could have been here from the start, but no, you had better things to do. YOU’RE BASTARDS, HEAR ME? BASTARDS! Sorry, a little too emotional there.


one cockatoo, two cockafour

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