The "Salesman" Trance

Another day, another blog.

I got the letter from Delta a few days ago saying that I was approved for my degree, so just a week or two and I should have it.

My brothers birthday was “uneventful”. He has apparently learned that at a point they don’t really matter anymore. Oh well, it happens to us all.

NEW!!! the “I need to sell my crap” section!!!

Powerbook 5300c
100MHz 603e
1.1GB Hard Disk
Sony CD-ROM DiskMan 2x CD-ROM
spare battery
Targus leather case
28.8 pc card modem
$200 o.b.o.

Apple Color StyleWriter 2400
300 d.p.i.
apple serial port
$35 o.b.o.

Palm m125
33MHz Motorola Dragonball processor
8MB internal RAM
Palm OS 4.0
SD/MMC slot
16MB Panasonic SD Card
USB Sync Cradle
$125 o.b.o.


SCSI CD-ROMs, SCSI CDRWs, USB CDRWs, USB Scanners, USB Printers, ADB Keyboards, ADB Mice, more, more, more!!!

If you need something, want something, or are just curious, just ask. Make an offer, sale or trade. I gladly accept cash, checks, airport cards, wireless routers, etc…

Ok, now that thats over…

It’s the weekend and that means I need to get more work on the webpage done. Probably go for more pictures or something, maybe PDFs of old school reports I liked. Who knows, we’ll see.

When Panther comes out, I am going to the Apple Store in Troy. If you would like to come, let me know. If nothing else, maybe we can run out on the highway and take pictures in front of the exit sign (Exit 69, Big Beaver Rd.). If anyone would prefer to go to the Novi store, I don’t mind as I haven’t been there yet, so up for something new, but I don’t know how to get there so you would need to drive. The Troy store is a no-brainer to get to, part of why I like it. And in case you don’t know, Panther is Mac OS X 10.3, which should be out in late 2003.

Ok, enough for now. I will see you on, uhm, Tuesday, yeah, yeah Tuesday.

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