Why Aren't You Reading This?

I think this is blog night, seems early though. I guess this is it, why not?

Today is my brothers birthday, turned 18. That means 2 months, minus a day, until my birthday. I will of course be 21, although I dont drink. Ohh well, Happy Birthday Chris!

Next Monday is MacWorld New York, now Create or something. There was a news release from Apple that the G5s will be there, running 10.2.7 though instead of 10.3. Also, there are rumors that the new displays and keyboards/mice will be there as well, and perhaps the 15″ Aluminum PowerBook. I guess we will need to wait and see.

No new work on the website, though I do have plans for some additions to it over the weekend. Perhaps it will happen, perhaps it won’t.

I just had the weirdest deja-vu. The same episode of Futurama was on, I was writing in the blog, I was just messing with the dog, all seem like before, wierd.

According to the counter, there has only been one visitor. I had it up to 2 when I put up the last post, plus the one from today when I checked it, and it said 4, so that leaves 1. Thats pretty crappy. I blame Jason, his being MIA since late last week really hurts the count, since he’s the only regular visitor. Speaking of my readers, unless you have an objection I might post the full list on the blog in a week or 2. Yes, the complete list of all 12. Actually, due to the fact that most of you don’t read regularly, it might be better to only post the names of those who do ok it. I don’t know, I’ll figure something out.

Ok, that’s enough for now. See you all later.

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