Firework People, and People Counters

Ok, quick, go to the bottom of the page and come back, I’ll wait……..

See it! Now I can keep track of you freaks. It even tells me where you were before you got here (if you linked only, not if you typed it in) so I can tell if you were on my website, since its the only place with a link here. I also updated the website, getting some pictures up there right now, its not much but its something.

I have my PowerBook up for sale at macrumors forums so if you want a decent laptop send me a message. I also have 2 printers, a scanner, 2 cdrw drives, a cdrom, a palm m125, and a lot more. Essentially if you want some type of computer part let me know, I probably have it.

Went to 2 of the fireworks shows this weekend. Thursday we went on a bikeride because my mom tried to avoid them, friday we watched them on the middlegrounds, and saturday we were at Stretches bar on Henry, about a half mile from where they were launced. I realized on Saturday that everyone watched fireworks for different reasons. Kids watch them for the bright colors and different shapes. Drunks watch them for the loud bangs. I seem to watch for the science of them. That we can control black powder that well, make it shoot a ball hundreds of feet in the air, make it shoot out in specific direction, and can make nearly any color is really amazing. I dont know, maybe its just my mind creating funky reasons for going every year, who knows.

Well, I think thats it. Want to mention that my brother’s 18th is this wednesday. You all have a good week!


I didn’t gripe about anything, how often does that happen!

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