Sorry Again

Well, back again. I would like to begin by mentioning that anniversary thing again. Perhaps I didn’t make the hoopla that I said I would here, but it was an exciting event for me none the less.

My puppy (if a 50 lb. 6 month lab can be called such) is gone at the vets. She was taken in about 8 this morning to be fixed, but due to several emergencies at the vets they were unable to get to her, so she will need to stay an extra night. They should perform the surgery tomorrow morning and we can pick her up on Wednesday. I miss her.

Apple is now screwing with us again. They released updated G4 systems in May (I think) running on a new motherboard and 1.0, 1.25, and 1.42 GHz. When the G5s were announced a week ago, they dropped the 1.0 and 1.42 GHz G4s though. No big deal, but it seems they also went back to the previous motherboard. They claim this is to “provide the lowest cost computer possible” and “to allow users to continue OS 9 booting”. I see this as bull crap, but there isn’t much you can do.

Tomorrow I need to work with my mom, and of all places were doing landscaping 2 houses over form our old house (our ex-neighbors neighbor). My mom’s friend that sold our house, is selling this one as well and “needs the appearance of the yard updated” (you should see it, its only a slight understatement, hah).

Well, that would seem to be it, I’ll see you later,

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