The Four Announcements

Ok, a few announcements this time:

I finally have this timing thing down. Rather than that every 2nd day thing that never works, I am going with an every 3rd day schedule. I chose this because it is less frequent and thus easier, and because thats the schedule I seem to have been following without knowing it.

I actually put real links on the sidebar now. The link to my home-page should work, let me know if not. The .mac web-page I have is rather lame, I am working on a new one.

That Vervante bookstore thing has been resolved. They sent me an email reporting that Apple has stopped the publication of the books, and noted that any ADC member can print out the entire book from Apple’s ADC site. Fat chance, they’re like 300+ page books and I don’t feel like using a ream of paper plus 3 ink tanks. The good news is Apple now “recommends” the O’reilly series of books, and they now even carry the ADC seal in the corner. I plan to purchase a few of them soon.

And Forth
Woohoo, you go girl, err, boy. I really am proud of him though. It has been a tough few months and we really did wonder if he would make it sometimes, but he did it.

Ok, I am tired and need to work tomorrow, so I’ll see you all later.

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