I’m late! Or not?

Ahh, I’m late!

Actually, I dont know if I am, I post like 12:01am and dont know if it should be the current day of previous or what. I dont think it matters really. It was my rule to do every other day so I can break it. Besides, I already pointed out that whole “other” v. “oter” thing.

Anyway, another game review for you. Hitman 2, it sucks. The controls are horrible, its quite difficult to figure out just what your doing, and I just didnt like it. Mostly the control difficulties though.

Next, what happened to the Vervante store? You go to their website and click the apple store, all the developer books are gone, and it lists the books as not found. Pissing me off. Worst part is you cant get the books elsewhere, just through their site. I am sure Apple will be as happy about this as I am.

Speaking of whom, I am reading a biography if you will of just that company. I have owned the book for some time but just today (or yesterday technically) decided to read it. I have several books that I bought and didn’t read, and I hope to get through some over the summer. But anyway, the book is ok, not great or anything though. The first chapter is by no means chronological. It drifts from the early 70’s to the mid 90’s and back again with little care, despite (I can’t believe that’s the correct spelling, almost sure it was dispite) being called “in the beginning”. Maybe its just an introduction thing, I hope so, and will keep you updated.

Ok, thats all for now. I just wanted to sound off quick. Ohh, also, if you didn’t see Gollum’s acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards, find the next showing and watch it, in the words of the froddo dude, uhm, anyway, he said “that’s f*cking awesome”. Well, not his words, watch it, you’ll understand.

Go away now!

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