National Otter Day

So your sitting there saying “Nick, you said you would post every other day, what gives?” So I says “read more closely, I said ‘every oter day'”. So I have been sitting around trying to figure out when the heck “oter day” is, but got tired of looking, so here I am.

So anyway, why isn’t there a holiday called otter day. I mean come on, something that cute deserves its own holiday. Besides, it could be real fun. We can put it at the third tuesday of every 13th month. That way, every few years there won’t be a single otter day that year. It could be a real hoot (or if you prefer, whatever sound otters make. not sure what that is exactly though.)

I rented “Medal of Honor : Frontline” for PS2. Its pretty good game if your into 1st person shooter type WWII games. I’m on the third mission though and it’s ticking me off. You can only save at the end of missions, but the missions are getting really hard so when you die you have to go WAY back, and it’s annoying.

What else? Hmm. Ohh, why do people say “Where do you get off?” Do you really want to know? If you REALLY want to know, I guess I could tell you. I doubt that you do though. Just another stupid saying that got turned sick by our youthful slang I suppose.

Ok, but I really do want to post every other day, so I will try. Every third anyway. Ok, I’m shutting up now.


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